We Get It…You’re Back in Cleveland

The “Coming Home” letter was enough. The Welcome Home Ceremony in your hometown of Akron should of been the icing on the cake. But I get it, people love a story of redemption, almost like Simba going back to reclaim the throne as King after being away for a while or Queen Elsa from Frozen (as you can see I’ve been hanging around my two year-old niece for too long).

But we get it, it’s disney — it’s picturesque, fit for the big screen. But honestly, I’m just ready to see Kyrie throw The King some lobs or even some drive-and-kicks to Kevin Love in the corner. Then again, I have all season to see that.

Peace is truly wonderful,


Strikes as Usual

The result has always been the same — Mo’ne Davis throwing strikes. Aside from Queen Latifah butchering Mo’ne’s entire introduction this was awesome. What a great way to finish the summer and take all of us on another joy ride. I’m sure it won’t be the last but for now school awaits. I hope I didn’t for you Mo!


You Can Only Hope

LLWS Las Vegas Chicago Baseball

Watching the team from Chicago win the United States Little League World Series title last week, becoming the first all black team to do so, was one of the best things that could happen in baseball. It not only proved that they were the best Little League team in the U.S. but it pointed to a much greater success, proving that with the right coaching/personnel, baseball in the inner-city can thrive.

The players had a huge homecoming in Chicago’s Millennium Park. They proved to be conquering heroes, kids who made a profound impact on our history books whose names will be etched in stone forever.

But lets make sure we keep some things in perspective; its Little League and after the celebration subsides, when a team from Nevada is no longer their rival and the world isn’t solely their stage, the kids from Jackie Robinson West will have larger issues to deal with that won’t involve baseball.

The “come down” from the Little League World Series might have been just as bad as the loss for my Harlem team back in 2002. Continue reading